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Senior jewellery buyer Gurki Basra is one of the few contestants to have spilled any kind of beans about the Dating Around experience since its Netflix debut. And she sure had an experience. The enchanting year-old appeared to leave most of her dates smitten during her whirlwind week. Following the ordeal at the hands of the obnoxious mansplainer, Gurki understandably decided she would much rather go on a solo shopping trip than on a second encounter with anyone. Bring on the negativity. I was able to handle it. Now I can move on.

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We have progressed over the years and with feminism and modernisation, we have managed to make a place for women in society. But let’s not forget that we’re still behind and are a patriarchal society that still has men in powerful and dominating positions. While some men are understanding and respect women enough to accept them as equals, there are others who find it very difficult to do the same.

Such men tend to practice mansplaining which means that they try to school women around them.

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Cheri met a man online; he was charming and polite in their electronic interactions. She agreed to a first date with him at an Italian restaurant, and he was as handsome as his profile pic. They ordered appetizers. Things were going well. Before she had time to be crestfallen he revealed a photo of an adorable wiener dog. He rescued me. Adjusting his fedora, the waiter left to tend to another table in his section. When I pointed out that I had lived in Sydney all my life … been to the Federal Parliament which is in Canberra he was unmoved.

At the next table, Irene was finishing dinner with her own date. I guess me being a professional stonemason for the past 17 years is trumped by you having a penis. We live in a reactionary mob mentality world. How do we know this is gender based?

mansplainer, n.

Josh and Stacey Noem have been married for almost 20 years and have three children in middle school and high school. They blog about parenting and their adventures as a family. Related Topics: Communication. Recently while working with a young couple preparing for marriage there was a slightly pointed exchange between them.

I did it lightly, as a simple heads-up or throw away remark.

After one too many hostile dating app encounters, Alexandra Tweten set up the Instagram account @ByeFelipe, a place for women to protest the horrors of.

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Recent Did I know? Also, he was wrong. A man nearby asked me a question in Portuguese. I answered, and when he heard my American accent, he started talking about how bad things are in the U. But of course the system was set up so we would never do this, what with the CIA, crack, and ghettos. His idea of Black people needing to put down our crack pipes and rise up amounted to the most insulting kind of misinformed liberal racism.

But the idea that he, a white Canadian man who works in interior design, had the authority to tell it to me, a Black American woman who he knew was a journalist, that was something else: classic mansplaining. Mansplaining is when a man decides he is going to put a woman up on something and give her all the facts. Manplaining is a man deciding that every interaction with a woman can be a teachable moment for her.

In the world of mansplaining, having a penis equals having power, privilege, and intellect. All of it.

Relationship Advice: Here are 5 tips to date a mansplainer

From the creator of the viral Instagram account comes an empowering guide to navigating the hazards and horrors of online dating. After one too many hostile dating app encounters, Alexandra Tweten set up the Instagram account ByeFelipe, a place for women to protest the horrors of online dating, and to share stories and screenshots of their own experiences.

Three years later, the account has become a forum where women can fight back against the men who have made them uncomfortable, scared, and embarrassed–and to laugh at the appalling men they encounter. The name of Bye Felipe is a nod to the “Bye Felicia” meme, which Urban Dictionary defines as a cool dismissal of a noxious person.

Usually characterized by dating in old friends for new signs, even though your old friends were always there for you before The battle cry of the mansplainer.

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Mansplainer Comic Strips

If we call them out, then we are ‘feminazis’. The phenomenon of mansplaining has been ascribed to a combination of overconfidence and cluelessness. Credit: Pexels.

Happy Birthday, mansplainers! You are officially 10 years old, and I am the last feminist left on earth who is still charmed by your existence.

I’m sorry for having said mansplaining. It must be awful to have people judge you because of your gender. I’m sorry. I fell in love with him because of the delicate care he used to explain my joke back to me. When you’re literally an astronaut and The Situation tries to mansplain space to you. Lady just asked me what “mansplaining” is. I think it’s a trap. We’ve been staring at each other in silence for half an hour. With so many men absent during the Second World War, the crucial task of mansplaining often fell to women.

Apparently men find it condescending and obnoxious when you tell them what mansplaining is. And today in ‘Men on the Internet’ this helpful guy mansplains cycling to an Olympic athlete. Posted on 13 Oct Reply Retweet Favorite. Chelsea Peretti chelseaperetti.

Bye Felipe

Chat at 1 p. I’m dating a much younger man. I seem to have trouble with his need to inform everyone including me about how the world runs, and his other narcissistic traits. Is this mansplaining? Is is harmless?

From the creator of the viral Instagram account comes an empowering guide to navigating the hazards and horrors of online dating.

It’s always an unfortunate day when you have to suffer through some “hero” who takes it upon himself to mansplain something to you: whether it be politics or science or some other subject he deems your female mind too feeble to comprehend. So it really sucks when you wind up on a date with a dude and conversation stars veering in that direction. How do you respond to mansplaining on a date , though?

Let’s be real: The dating world can be a disaster these days — if it’s still early, your response could potentially open the door for the date to move forward or not, depending on his response. Some people insist it’s not a thing; others simply call it ego. Although, for the record, there is scientific data on this specific type of behavior.


Pearl Hess, 39 dating old. Women at the supermarket dating signals are typically how for one thing. They need to buy groceries. Because it is a neutral location, well-lit and dating, women feel dating and are typically open to engaging in small talk with strangers.

Disses, Dick Pics, and Other Delights of Modern Dating classic fat shamer to the mansplainer to the surprise sociopath–answers questions like “How do I react​.

Here are 10 subtle signs to look out for. He always needs to be right. He talks way more than he listens. In order to make you feel like you know nothing and he knows everything, he has to chat up a storm no matter what. Well, there is. This kind of guy is usually in a pretty bad mood. His sense of entitlement is through the roof.

He constantly starts arguments for on reason. What is it about mansplainers and fighting? They just love being argumentative and trying to get under your skin. He makes every single decision. More than that, it proves that he thinks that he knows more than you do. Super creepy… and definitely what a mansplainer does. He tells you how you feel about things.

Why is being “goody good” or a goody-two shoes a turn-off?

It hasn’t just been a summer for political conventions, the Olympics, and a slough of politicians and comedians saying stupid things about rape. Summer is also the season in which the idea of “mansplaining” may have moved beyond the feminist blogosphere. The concept has entered the broader culture, appearing in the pages of the Nation — and inspiring apoplectic indignation in the comments section at the Good Men Project.

The dating cry of the mansplainer. See also: ” to be fair ” and “not all”. Well actually, to meaning fair, not all men do that. Twitter Facebook Help Subscribe.

Happy Birthday, mansplainers! You are officially 10 years old, and I am the last feminist left on earth who is still charmed by your existence. Maybe this is not literally true if so, please do power up the old Twitter account and mansplain the rhetorical uses of hyperbole to me , but it does seem that the term has fallen into some disrepute. It was intended to refer to the act of a man explaining something to a woman that she already knows.

And sometimes, it can mean what happens when men explain anything to women, or men talk to women, or just men who talk, about anything, to anyone, ever. But that broadened scope has provoked some ire. As anti-woman sentiment seems to increasingly take the form of violent mobs online and off, Stoeffel wonders whether “we feminists set ourselves up for this…by talking among ourselves about who should sit down and the taste of male tears, at the expense of addressing the substance of anti-feminist arguments?

The first documented instance of a man freaking out about the term is instructive and was in fact recently unearthed. Lexicographers, you do good work. And in a manner Internet Men have been emulating ever since, count-vronsky then demonstrated just why women wanted him to shut up:. I mean does everything, even an innocuous comment—an expression of appreciation for a piece of art—have to be seen through the lens of your feminist principles?

I admit that it is immature and possibly even cruel to find the baffled, wounded, un-self-aware sexism in this response hilarious. To a certain extent, this is true. But this is feminist work!

Internet Comment Etiquette: “Mansplaining”

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