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Network television is a sham. A complete disgrace. To keep the level of discourse somewhere above a man in briefs toting out a toy dog in the hopes of getting laid by some bitchy Asian female caricature? A hate crime against people with decency and a scintilla of brain power. I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg, too. To the extent that it is, we have network television to thank for that, too. Call it self-fulfilling. Rule of thumb: Never watch a show the teases the next segment before each commercial and recaps the last segment after each commercial.

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I love television, which is why I rarely watch it. I almost felt my brains melting as I watched the spray-tanned, muscle-bound, self-proclaimed Guidos alternately preening at, fighting, and hooking up with everyone in sight. Collectively, we watch these shows not simply to be entertained, but to feel superior. The true value is to find a takeaway, because, make no mistake about it… the people on these shows are not all that different than you or me. This makes for excellent television because it functions more as a competition than a real-life organic courtship.

And because of the competitive nature of the show, women feel they have to make a strong first impression.

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Remember when speed dating first hit the scene, and some of us weren’t sure what to make of it? Well, now that we’ve warmed up to the idea, this new show has upped the dating ante once again Conveyor Belt of Love , which premiered last night, is a dating show that lets a panel of five women cycle through 30 potential dates in record time seconds! The women hold up signs saying “interested” or “not interested” to express their opinions on the guys.

Each woman can replace a guy she said she was interested in if a new guy comes down the belt that she prefers. If two women are interested in the same guy, the dude gets to choose between them. The pairs that end up together go on a date. Come on, you’ve got to watch! I’ve gotta say, when I first heard about the show, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Now that I’ve watched it, I’m a bit more intrigued; some of the guys seemed genuinely nice. That being said, can you imagine if the roles were reversed and women were on the belt?

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A controversial dating series in which young people see potential love interests whose naked bodies are gradually revealed to them. Then they must choose. Votes: A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love. Votes: 6,

((Matt Webb Mitovich, “Conveyor Belt of Love: Wild Show’s Secrets Revealed! Michael Schneider, “ABC Finds Conveyor Belt of Love: Speed-Dating Reality.

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The show takes 30 single guys, each brought onstage by a conveyor belt. The guys have 60 seconds to win over one of five single ladies waiting to quiz them. If a woman likes what she sees, the man heads to a platform to wait and see if he is replaced or not.


Like your men served up fast-food style? ABC capitalizes on our nation’s “need it now” attitude with this promotional teaser for what may be the worst reality dating show ever— coming to your living rooms as soon as January! Here’s how it works: Five women get to choose from 30 men “delivered one at a time” on a conveyor belt. Each man then has 60 seconds to impress these tacky, desperate famewhores in whatever fashion they choose. In the promo we saw smooth moves like Gob Bluth-style magic tricks, guys with guitars, jokes, balloon animals, and a guy with a hot bod and a puppy.

In this one-time special, men were rolled out on a conveyor belt and given 60 seconds to impress a panel of women. Sound ridiculous? It was.

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. It should also be noted that the parodic schmaltziness of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love is hardly restricted to the linguistic. On the contrary, ABC had even more advanced material planned for the evening than a much-hyped franchise debut: the special broadcast of a new dating show pilot, produced by Endemol , called Conveyor Belt of Love.

The last men standing get a date. Several reviews even went so far as to include stock-photography scenes of industrial grade meat portions plopped side-by-side on a conveyor belt. Or rather, the conveyor belt must serve at once as figure and ground, trope and referent for the material base of industrial production. Put another way, the aesthetic dimension of language plays a constitutive role in producing the discursive ground that we point to when we call something true or real.

And as Ernesto Laclau has argued, we must thus begin to think not simply of the ways in which material relations produce aesthetic modes of existence, but also of the ways in which aesthetic relations, and style in general, produce the discursive ground on which the ontological production of social and political materiality takes place as such.

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The show starts with 10 ludicrously attractive people five girls, five guys in swimsuits in a villa in Fiji. The five girls all stand in a line outside and watch as men come out one by one, not unlike sushi on a conveyor belt. If they like him, they step forward.

ABC capitalizes on our nation’s “need it now” attitude with this promotional teaser for what may be the worst reality dating show ever— coming.

A not-quite fly-by romance contest in which five women check out 30 men on a conveyor belt. The belt stops for 60 seconds to enable the guys to make their cases, and if two gals pick the same guy, he gets to choose. In the end, each gal gets a guy. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.

Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist. Recommendations Discover Listings News. Conveyor Belt of Love TV-PG reality, romance A not-quite fly-by romance contest in which five women check out 30 men on a conveyor belt. Watchlist Added Where to Watch. The Bachelor franchise is still going strong in its 14th season.

My Thoughts on The Bachelor and Conveyor Belt of Love

Project Q Atlanta. She later chose another guy—presumably born male, but who knows? While we were picking our jaws up off the floor, PopEater. They also had this to say:.

Honey Badger-types are everywhere on the human supermarket conveyor belt of Tinder. For once, the show delivered something amazingly.

Yes, they were given bathroom breaks, but only for washing off the indignity of being on Chains of Love. Sound ridiculous? It was. But this mechanical parade of cartoonish bachelors among them, a man who did turkey calls was surprisingly watchable when taken as the joke we truly hope it was meant to be. With the same awkwardness of blind dates caught on camera and snarky pop-up video comments running along the bottom of the screen, the show transformed itself from quirky to shameful.

While single gal Hayley dated dudes who looked like dopey rejects from Voldemort’s Death Eater army, I engaged in my own private shame spiral for actually sitting through a show hosted by Monica Lewinsky. Staying faithful to your significant other? The clock-obsessed, gold-grilled former hype man for Public Enemy started a legit thing by creatively naming all of his sex kittens — one of whom landed her own spin-off I Love New York that, in turn, spawned several more in Real Chance of Love , Frank The Entertainer in a Basement Affair.

It even introduced Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson to her future husband. He’s oblivious to the fact that some are indeed straight. If the man manages to choose a gay man in the end, he wins a paid vacation and some cash. Should he lose, he wins nothing except embarrassment, harassment, and possibly a new gaydar for Christmas.

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