Chinese Gift Giving Etiquette: Top 5 Must Follow Rules

You’re engaged? When’s the wedding? Just kidding—we know, we know, this question will likely make you panic for a while. But your wedding date is the first question that will be asked by your family and friends, guaranteed. The process of how to pick a wedding date will be different for each couple, but a good place to start is to consider how much time you’ll need to plan your amazing day. According to our Read Wedding Study , the average engagement is about 15 months long. Giving yourself at least a year to plan your wedding can be helpful for most couples. A wedding date at least a year out will give you time to check everything off your list —from finding and ordering your wedding dress which can take 9 to 11 months to booking your wedding reception venue some are booked a year in advance. Speaking of which, we recommend finding your dream venue first and see what dates they have available before officially having your heart set on a specific day or creating your save-the-dates , since they may be booked then. Alternatively, if you are someone who stresses over big assignments, a wedding far into the future may hang like a cloud of anxiety over your head.

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Hong Kong is very sophisticated and cosmopolitan, blending the cultures of Asia and Europe. Its people are highly educated, very motivated and westernized. Cantonese habits and customs are dominant. An individual’s actions, prestige, education, wealth and reputation reflect positively or negatively on the entire family.

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I accept the Privacy Policy. Despite the fact that most people in China have accepted the modern Western wedding ceremony, the traditional Chinese wedding etiquette is still respected and kept today. According to legend, the earliest marriage and wedding rite began in the ages of Fu Hsi, a legendary emperor of ancient China, and Nuwa, a goddess in Chinese mythology and the Goddess of Marriage.

The six wedding etiquette is the tedious process of wedding from match making, providing the date of birth and the birth hours, marriage proposal and engagement, sending the gifts, preparing, and finally the wedding ceremony. The three letters are the documentations of the six etiquettes: the letter of engagement, the list of gifts, and the letter of marriage used on the day of wedding ceremony.

In ancient China, the marriage would be officially acknowledged only after finishing all these procedures. In the following dynasties of ancient China, the wedding etiquette may vary slightly, but the essence was retained, depending on the different traditions and social classes. For example, in Qing Dynasty, officers above the seventh rank complied with the 9 wedding etiquette, while the others usually had a simple wedding or followed the etiquette created by Zhu Xi, a famous Confucians master in Ming Dynasty.

In nowadays, urban residents often have a wedding with both traditional Chinese etiquette and Western wedding elements. In many villages, the traditional Chinese wedding etiquette is partly kept. The bride prices vary in different regions. For example, in Guangdong, they are chicken, coconut, wedding cakes and cash gift. After receiving the bride price, the bride-to-be will send the return gift, the dowries.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Etiquette

One of those is to have high respects to their parents, grandparents, and ancestors. This is because they are closely knit with their families. Either they live under the same roof or somewhere just close to their hometown. What is traditional for Chinese women? More likely, They expect men to take the lead.

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When dating Chinese women there are some kinds of Chinese dating etiquette you should probably be aware of and follow. You don’t want to make one embarrassing mistake that will make her think twice about dating you again. I’ve found since my time living in China the rules of dating etiquette are much more important than they are with western women in western countries. In general, whenever I date a Chinese woman , which is mostly the case in the past eight years, I will always follow the following tips.

Politeness is important in every culture, and this is even more the case in Chinese culture. Now, this one is actually harder to quantify than you might at first imagine. This is due to Chinese culture being very different from western culture, or in fact, any other culture I have come across. It is sometimes the case that what a westerner believes to be polite is sometimes completely the opposite of being polite in Chinese culture.

How to Date Chinese Women and Use Chinese Dating Etiquette to Your Advantage!

I accept the Privacy Policy. In China, as many countries else, gifts are usually given to show respect, gratitude, friendship, love or hospitality. It is an actual a common courtesy of the world. The etiquette of Gift-giving in China may be a little different from western countries. With a history of thousands of years, China’s Etiquette has formed and been passed down generation by generation.

For Chinese people, courtesy demands reciprocity, which means people who are well-mannered to others will receive kindness and favors.

Learn the most important things about the Chinese dating culture in order to know where to meet and how to date Chinese women. This will allow you to observe etiquette when dating your Chinese girl. Knowing about the.

Chinese dating etiquette is one of the well-known particular dating culture in the world of relationship. They are indeed different in many ways compare to the common dating etiquette in Western countries, even the rest of the countries in East Asia. Strongly influenced by their culture and tradition, Chinese has their own rules of dating. This, however, still going strong to this day pushed down to younger generation by the elderly.

If you know nothing about this, then get ready to enter a completely new world of dating. Men and women in China has a lot of pressure of getting married. Because of the pressure to find partner is high, Chinese want to get matchmaking. The familiar methods used are dating college friends, colleague at work, or through online dating service. It is a common view in China where several young people sitting together at a cafe or restaurant to attend matchmaking session.

Politeness in the key in Chinese culture. Thus, first impression played a big part in the continuity of the relationship. Praising the women appearance is very common China. They liked it when men praise their appearance.

The New Rules for Dating with an Age Gap

A form of address is to some extent a reflection of social climate. In China, various forms of address are used according to circumstances. Choosing the appropriate and correct form shows your wit and high respect to others. Generally, for Chinese people it should be in accord with convention and care much about the personal favor of the people being addressed.

There are four main categories: Job Title: You can call someone directly by his job title or put it before his surname or full name. This is often used in the workplace and on more formal occasions:.

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Chinese Traditions and Tips on Etiquette

Westerners have a hard time figuring out all the customs and formalities in China, especially because they are so different from the customs and formalities in other Asian countries. It is a mistake, for example, to assume that Chinese customs are like Japanese ones. The two countries are very different and Chinese will be quite insulted if you assume their culture is like Japanese culture. When in doubt about unfamiliar customs simply watch what the Chinese people do.

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China — Everything you need to know about Chinese culture, etiquette, protocol, visiting, doing business and communicating in or with China. I was born in Hong Kong and I know that there are many protocols, values and traditions that the Chinese hold close and since I still travel a lot in Asia on Feng Shui consultations and teaching I thought I would share with you common mistakes that many foreigners make whilst either visiting or doing business in or with China.

China is known as a state of etiquette, custom, respect and ceremony. To understand the Chinese, some consideration to their way of life should not be ignored:. Confucianism is a system of behaviours and principles that stress the obligations of people towards one another based upon their relationship. The basic system of belief is based upon five different relationships:. Confucianism stresses duty, sincerity, loyalty, honour, respect for age and seniority.

Chinese Dining Etiquette

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